Architecture Engineering and Construction

Architectural, Engineering and Construction use case, where a building can be conceived, co designed, engineered and then deployed as an 3D model off and on site.

Who is doing it?

This use case is led by The GRID Factory, with support from Willmott Dixon Construction. The GRID factory is systems integrator. They specialise in creating viable AR/VR solutions; any use-case, any device, anywhere. The GRID Factory is an NVIDIA partner. Established in 1852, Willmott Dixon is the UK’s largest independent construction and property services company


Current methods of design, approval and build have several known roadblocks that lead to inefficiencies, delays and ultimately higher, unpredictable costs.

These include:

– Design Phase: Collaboration between professionals in different disciplines such as Architecture, Interior and Exterior design.

– Approval Phase: Inability of key stakeholders to quickly visualise and understand any changes or measure progress without being physically together and/or on site.

– Build Phase: On site decisions involving professionals from multiple disciplines are time consuming and expensive leading to “Fee burn” a variable that can seriously impact cost and profitability.

This project explore how the use of AR VR and XR approaches can have a positive impact on all three of these issue areas and aim to significantly reduce time and increase quality in each. This, in turn, will reduce cost, mitigate risk and uncertainty and driving better outcomes for all stakeholders.

The Commercial impact of this innovation can lead to sustained competitive advantage for Customer in terms of performance and reduction of “Fee Burn”.

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